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What are startup directories... Why should I care?

Ever struggled to find your first 100 users?Wait... maybe your first 10 users even... We get it.You don't know if anyone's going to buy your product.Or... do people even know your product exists at all?Heard of ProductHunt? That's an example of a directory. Startup Directories are websites that people visit to find products they might like. Ones that could solve their problems, or make their lives better.They help you to get in front of potential users. That's what we can help you with: get into these directories. And help people to discover your amazing product.Read more about it

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What's Inside?

A Curated Collection of Directories

Our directories are categorized by type and recommendation score, which ensures that you find platforms that are good for your industry or niche.

Data-Driven Metrics for Success

We have domain authority and monthly traffic data that serve as reliable indicators of a directory's credibility, influence, and popularity.

Free and Paid Options

Each directory's free submission tier is recorded in our database. This lets you make decisions on where to showcase your startup without upfront costs.

Startup Founders Love LaunchBuff

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is LaunchBuff?

LaunchBuff is a curated database of top startup directories. We help founders find the best platforms to showcase their startups, drive targeted traffic, and attract potential users/customers.

How can I get started?

Simply make payment to get access, explore the curated database, and post on the directories that best suit your startup. Leverage the power of data-driven insights to take your startup's visibility to new heights.

What kind of data does LaunchBuff provide?

We provide a range of valuable data points, including directory type, recommendation score, free submission tiers, site viability, domain authority, and monthly traffic.

How can LaunchBuff benefit my startup?

By submitting to our curated directories, you can get relevant traffic from engaged communities, and high-quality backlinks that boost your SEO. Our curation saves you dozen hours of research work.

Can I use LaunchBuff if I have a limited budget?

Definitely. We have data on free submission tiers for directories, allowing you to explore options that align with your budget. You can test the waters and allocate resources wisely without upfront costs.

Does LaunchBuff address inactive directories?

Yes, LaunchBuff takes site viability into account. We flag directories that are inactive or non-functional, so that you can focus on platforms that have an active user base and increase your chances of attracting attention.

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